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Totes, sleeping pillows, baklava, and dog treats

Our staff loves these 4 things, and thought you might, too!

1Zuke’s Mini Naturals

Photo by Carol Brock

Fritz loves Zuke’s Mini Naturals miniature dog treats. Made in Durango, Colo., the mini treats burst with the flavors of cherries, chickpeas, green beans, cabbage, carrots and other whole-food ingredients, and added spices like rosemary, celery root, chicory, cinnamon, turmeric and others. The treats contain no wheat, corn or soy, and each is less than 3 calories so they’re a great training or everyday treat. Minis come in several flavors (never sourced from China), including chicken, pork, duck, rabbit, salmon and peanut butter, and are available at most local pet stores. Fritz likes every flavor, but if you set a couple of bags in front of him and ask which flavor he prefers, it’s paws-down pork! Visit www.zukes.com for store locations near you.


2Hanover tote by Johansen

Photo by Carol Brock

Haley loves her Hanover tote by Johansen, also known as Jo Totes. Although the sleek, water-­resistant black exterior caught her eye, her favorite part is the bag’s interior. Padded edging and moveable padded compartments allow her to safely store her laptop, DSLR camera, cords, batteries and SD cards, and let’s be honest, the snacks she needs when she’s on the go. Haley would rather travel with her Hanover than a traditional camera bag, because a Lowepro or Case Logic logo advertises she’s carrying expensive gear. The Hanover is the perfect blend of form and function, she says: “a discreet laptop and camera bag with no compromise of style or function.”
Visit www.jototes.com.

3WoolieBees sleeping pillows

Photo courtesy Woolibees

Lisa loves WoolieBees sleeping pillows year-round, but especially in winter. The wool inside these snuggly pillows isn’t clumpy; it’s little individual pearl-sized puffs of soft virgin wool. Unlike most synthetic fills, wool is a natural fiber that’s warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s also hypoallergenic, anti-static and doesn’t absorb odor or attract dirt. The pillowcase is machine washable, but you never have to wash the puffs (unless you want to). The adjustable pillows can be fluffier or flatter, softer or firmer, depending on your preference. Just unzip the case, pull out the desired amount of puffs, and zip it back up. “But save the puffs you pull out,” Lisa says, “because you might change your mind later.” Visit www.wildridgehealthyliving.com/woolibees.

4Baklava Unlimited baklava

Photo by Joshua Resnick

Mary loves Baklava Unlimited baklava. The Longmont company hand-makes the traditional pastry using a recipe from a Greek Orthodox church cookbook, says owner Janet Heath. The bars of gooey goodness are layered with clarified-butter-brushed phyllo dough and chopped almonds, and then smothered in luscious honey syrup made with cinnamon, clove and lemon. “It’s the perfect instant dessert or midnight snack,” Mary says. Baklava Unlimited baklava—an Edible Aspen pick of the year in 2014—is made with organic phyllo dough and contains no corn syrup, preservatives or GMOs. For locations where it’s sold, flavor options or to order by mail, visit www.baklavaunlimited.com.


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