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The Synergy of Rooftop Solar and an Electric Car

Imagine greatly reducing, or even eliminating, your electricity bill.

Now imagine never having to take your car to a gas station again. With advances in rooftop solar and electric vehicles you can stop daydreaming and turn these ideas into reality.

Advancements in renewable energy technologies, such as solar panels, are changing the way people power their homes and cars. Increased demand, combined with federal and state incentives, has resulted in rooftop solar becoming more efficient and less expensive. This means that solar panels are taking up less space and providing more energy, with far fewer financial and environmental costs.

The fact that cars can currently be driven around without the need for gas is a big deal. Along with solar panels, electric vehicles are becoming commonplace throughout Boulder County. The synergy for people who have both rooftop solar and an electric car is absolutely awesome – and would likely have been considered science fiction just decades ago. Now, when someone installs rooftop solar panels in order to power their home, that power can also be used to charge their electric automobile. With innovations and advances like this, people don’t just talk the talk, now we can say goodbye to paying at the pump and feel good about walking (or in this case driving) the talk!

To make solar energy a more viable way to power one’s home and vehicle, the governments of Adams, Boulder, and Denver counties have negotiated deals with rooftop solar distributor SunRun and electric vehicle vendor Boulder Nissan to create bulk-discount initiatives. These initiatives estimate a 15% discount on solar rooftop installation and roughly a 25% discount on purchasing a Nissan Leaf (this is not including state and federal rebates which will make these investments even cheaper!) Wouldn’t you be interested in owning a quality electric car if it were to only cost around $11,000?

Saving money is great, but peace of mind is priceless. Participants are breathing a sigh of relief when they turn their car on and instead of the usual rumble they hear silence. Making electric cars more affordable is a powerful way to align peoples’ environmental and social values with their lifestyles, all the while helping to decrease reliance on fossil fuels and become more energy independent. These opportunities do not require you to have both an electric vehicle and solar panels, that is, you can take advantage of one without having to pursue the other. However, this is only happening for a limited time, with the vehicle discounts ending September 30th and solar specials ending October 31st. So take action soon and learn how you can save on your utility and automotive bill for years to come by plugging into the sun.

To sign up or learn more visit: www.mygroupenergy.com/colorado

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