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Tantalizing Tidbits

tidbits-4Did you know… Marinating meats in certain herbs and liquids before grilling can reduce cancer-causing compounds by up to 60 percent? When cooking meats at high temperature, the amino acids, sugars and a compound called creatine in the meat convert to heterocyclic amines (HCAs). While HCAs have been shown to increase cancer risk, antioxidants in spices and vegetables like rosemary and garlic, along with acidic liquids such as beer, vinegar and lemon juice, reduce HCA levels—making your barbecue healthier and tastier.

tidbits-9Did you know… Dogs are natural yogis? Ever watch your dog stretch in the morning? Our pets can teach us a few things about movement and being in the moment, so it’s not surprising some people practice yoga poses with their pooches. Visit yoga4dogs.com to order a yoga DVD for you and your canine. Gives Downward Dog a whole new meaning!

tidbits-3Did you know… You can recycle old carpet? For just 10 cents per pound, Colorado Reclamation Systems will send your worn-out carpet to be remanufactured so you can replace it with one of the many new, healthier and more sustainable options. Visit crs-recycles.com for information on recycling old flooring, as well as mattresses, couches and other items that typically end up in landfills.

Did you know… Boiling water in a pot with the lid on saves hours of energy? The lid cuts boiling time by 25 percent, saving energy and money. For more “green” kitchen ideas, pick up Cooking Green: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint in the Kitchen by Kate Heyhoe.

tidbits-8Did you know… Coal in your drinking water is a good thing? Japanese bamboo undergoes a controlled-burning process to produce white-charcoal Chikutan sticks, which purify water-based beverages while looking organic-chic at the same time. The sticks are popular stirrers in Japan, where white charcoal has been used for centuries to remove chlorine and other chemicals from water, while adding natural minerals to it. Made by Sort of Coal, Chikutan sticks are available through various retailers online and locally through Green Things, LLC.

tidbits-5Did you know… We trash too much food? Americans throw out enough food every year to feed 200 million adults. To make sure your precious produce doesn’t go to waste, visit websites such as recipepuppy.com. Simply type in the ingredients you have on hand and then try the recipes that come up.

Did you know… Boiling water gets you ice cubes in a jiffy? Although it’s counterintuitive, hot water freezes faster than cold water, thanks to a phenomenon known as the “Mpemba effect.” The next time you’re out of ice, pour boiling water from a teakettle into your ice cube trays for faster freezing.

tidbits-2Did you know… You can eat your sunscreen? Well, not exactly. But studies from Manchester and Newcastle universities show that eating 5 tablespoons of tomato paste daily for at least 3 months can reduce sunburn from sun exposure by up to 33 percent, thanks to lycopene, an antioxidant in tomatoes that’s even more potent in canned tomatoes.

tidbits-10Did you know… You can tone down a sweet tooth? Gymnema sylvestre, an herb from India’s rain forests, has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for years to help treat diabetes. The herb erases the ability to taste sweetness for up to several hours. Without the satisfaction of sweets it should be easier to pass on that slice of pie.

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