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Take Ten!

Enjoy a few minutes browsing these spectactular
homes and gardens, chosen as staff favorites to
celebrate this 10th Anniversary issue.

By Kristin Noguera 

To celebrate Boulder County Home & Garden Magazine’s 10th anniversary issue, the staff voted on some of the most heavenly homes and grooviest gardens featured in these pages during the past decade. Homes were rated on uniqueness, attractiveness, architectural interest and artistry. Gardens were judged on uniqueness, too, but also assessed by plant diversity, beauty and style.

The ballots were tallied, and these five homes and five gardens came out on top. From a large, contemporary space-age home to a tiny refurbished caboose, each abode still brings an awe-inspiring splash to the magazine. The selected gardens, ranging from wildly uncontained mountain flowers to dreamy weeping willows, still amaze us after all these years. 

We thoroughly enjoyed revisiting these creative retreats and hope you do too!

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