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Summer is a glorious season

Dear Reader: 

Summer is such a glorious season, full of growth and promise. But before one can grow, one must sow a seed. I want all of us to sow seeds of kindness and compassion. I’ve noticed a lot of people in not-so-charitable moods lately, and it’s making me wonder why.

Could it be the cold spring and all the rain we had? Could it be the fact that nearly everyone’s house in Boulder County was assessed at a significantly higher rate? Or could it be that we all just need to take a moment to breathe and enjoy this very moment we have, instead of being in the past or the future?

Stress is something we could all do without, but given the busy lives we lead, it looks like it’s here to stay. That’s why it’s important to take time each day to enjoy, to smile, to laugh, to delight, to embrace. Because that brings kindness to the surface, and balance to existence.

We strive to bring you ways to enjoy life’s moments in every issue of this magazine, whether it’s being in nature, puttering around the house or gathering together with family and friends. We also try to bring you information you can use to improve your life and the world around you.

Being in nature is a guaranteed de-stresser. Whether it’s clipping fresh herbs for a homemade meal, planting native flowers or setting up a place to pot plants, we should all spend more time outdoors.

And we should protect the outdoors, too, especially beneficial pollinators whose existence is in real peril. Read “The Buzz on Bees” to see what you can do right now to help these insects.

If you want to enjoy moments with others, a barbecue is the perfect summer get-together. When it comes to setting food on the table, a tasty, homemade spice rub is a people pleaser.

As always, many heartfelt thanks to the homeowners and gardeners who share their spaces with our readers. If you saw Tiffany Myers and Steffan Knapp’s amazing home in the spring issue, wait until you see their gardens in this issue. They’re top-notch beauty at its best.

Another type of beauty is the creative vision of ceramic artists Michael and Nancy Linsley, which spills over into their home. Smart, sustainable and stylish, their stunning home on a mountainside was conceived through a “co–creative” process.

Please let me know of topics you’d like to see in the magazine, and if you have a home or garden that you’ve poured your soul into, please let me know that, too. I’d enjoy sharing your loving creation with others.

You can always catch up on back issues by checking out the archives and see online-only stories on this website, where you’ll also find listings of professionals who can perform any task for your home or garden.

Thanks for being a reader. Enjoy summer, sow kindness seeds, watch them flourish, and we’ll see you back here in fall.


Carol S. Brock

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