4 THINGS WE LOVE – Our staff loves these things, and thought you might, too!


photo by Haley Gray

1Spiralize Those Veggies

Haley loves the Vegetti Vegetable Spiralizer. The Vegetti is a hand spiralizer that’s a cheap alternative to bigger, crank-operated spiralizers. Haley likes the tool’s little cone shape, because it’s space-efficient and easy to use. Plus, she’s learning new ways to eat her veggies. She’s hooked on zoodles (aka zucchini noodles) for quick, healthy dinners, and loads her salads with cool, refreshing carrot ribbons for lunch. Haley also spiralizes sweet potatoes and squash for filling sautés and casseroles. Find a vegetable she doesn’t love to spiralize—we dare you!



Photo Carol Brock

2FreshForce Citrus Juicer

Carol loves her Chef’n FreshForce Citrus Juicer. After years of struggling with a manual glass citrus juicer—and getting precious little juice and a sore wrist in the ­process—she says her new FreshForce does the job lickety-split, forcing every last drop from lemon, lime and orange halves, even those with the toughest, tautest skins. And the juicer’s dual-gear mechanism makes squishing a breeze.  “I’ve never gotten so much juice from citrus than I have with this tool,” she says. “I just love it!”



Photo of iphone by Rawpixel.com

3Podcasts:  Something for Everyone

Karen loves podcasts, especially when the task at hand is BORING, like exercising or cleaning house. “It even makes weeding less dull,” she says. To listen, open the Podcasts app on iOS or download a podcatcher on Android. Some of her current favorites are “This American Life,” “TED Radio Hour,” “Design Matters” and “Men in Blazers,” because she loves English soccer. But there is truly something for everyone on podcasts, she says. Just do a Google search for the top 100 podcasts if you need some ideas.


courtesy Wabash Valley Farms, www.whirleypopshop.com

4Popcorn Popper on Movie Night

Jason and his 9-year-old twins, Alexa and Ava, love the original Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper. “We bust it out every movie night,” Jason says, “and it makes the BEST tastiest popcorn. Just add a little oil, no butter needed, so it’s healthy, too.” He and the girls usually go through a couple of buckets’ worth on movie night, but Jason admits he often sneaks a whole bucket for himself when the girls are away.

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