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Rebecca’s Recommendations: Redecorating on a Dime

Photo by Iriana Shiyan, Shutterstock.com

We all want to freshen things up from time to time, but rarely can we afford all new furniture.

To get a home makeover without the decorator budget consider hiring a stager. Realtors often hire these professionals to rearrange a seller’s house so that it will appeal to a wide range of buyers. Their tips are invaluable, no matter if you’re selling soon or in the not-so-near future. And the real bonus is they usually can give your home a face-lift without the need for major purchases.

Of course, if you’re not working with a real estate agent the consultation price will be out-of-pocket, but the cost-savings more than makes up for it.

Often stagers can work with what you already have—a little rearranging here and there can make a world of difference. These pros will give you ideas on which changes will make the most impact for the least amount of effort and cost.

During a recent consult, our stager completely transformed six rooms in our home, and the cost for new items was less than $300. We only wish we’d hired a stager before putting our house on the market. What a difference. Now our home truly feels like a breath of fresh air!

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