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Rebecca’s Recommendations: Oh Starry Night

Photo by Rebecca Schneider

Want to add a little last-minute holiday pizazz but don’t have a lot of time or money to spend? Grab a wire hanger and some needle-nose pliers, and use the pliers to unbend the hanger. Just untwist the hanger enough so you can more easily form it into a new shape.

Now, pick whichever shape you like—stars, peace signs holly leaves, a Christmas tree, a snowman. Use your hands or the pliers to shape the wire into your desired design. Next, grab a string of holiday lights—most of us have an extra box lying around, but if not, try your local dollar store—and wrap it around the shaped wire. How tightly you wrap is up to you. For a more defined shape, use more lights and wrap them closer together. Hang it up, plug it in and voilà—instant, custom, holiday decor!

If fashioning an old coat-hanger is not up your alley, cut the shape out of cardboard and wrap the lights as outlined above. However, if exposed to the outdoor elements for more than a day or two, first wrap the cardboard shape with thick jute or twine so your decoration will hold up longer.

Note: Battery-operated lights would make this project even easier but use caution—most battery-operated lights are not meant for outdoor use.

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