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Rebecca’s Recommendations: Go Geometric

Photo by Paul Prescott

From honeycomb to hexagon and everything in between, geometry is moving beyond the classroom and into your home this season.

Because geometric patterns can easily overwhelm a space, they’re best used as accents or accessories. Bold geometric tiles make quite the statement, so they work best in an otherwise neutral room. Keep walls and fixtures simple, and consider using graphic, high-contrast tiles for your flooring. Or, if you’re not ready to commit to such a daring permanent daring choice, install a sculptural lighting fixture (I’m smitten by designs from Hudson Valley Lighting, www.hudsonvalleylighting.com).

Keep your eye out for vases, glassware and other décor that shows off organic, yet fractal-like designs, like seashells and fish scales.

One last thing: Think outside the “box” when it comes to patterns. Even traditional menswear’ motifs like herringbone and houndstooth fit the bill.

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