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Rebecca’s Recommendations: Foil Itchy & Scratchy Mosquitoes

Photo by Maridav

Try these ideas for prevention and protection

While everyone looks forward to warmer weather on the horizon, no one’s excited about the mosquitoes it spawns.

Every person has a preventive he or she swears by, but nothing is ever 100-percent effective for everyone. As someone who spent most of her childhood covered in mosquito bites, I’ve found something that works well for me and perhaps it will for you.

My go-to is to start taking 100 milligrams of thiamine (Vitamin B1) daily from April through October. Starting this regimen early and being consistent is key. But discuss this supplement with your doctor before taking it, as it may interact with other medications.

For added protection, I carry a plant-based mosquito spray when I know I’ll be in a mosquito-laden area. A spray I particularly like is Skeeter Screen. It’s alcohol- and DEET-free, and incorporates geranium, cedar and rosemary oils, among other ingredients. Plus, the smell is not as overpowering as most other plant-based sprays.

If you do get a bite, dab the spot with apple cider vinegar or put a bit of toothpaste on it. Minty toothpastes should provide relief similar to a cold compress or ice cube.

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