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Rebecca’s Recommendations: A Wreath for All Seasons

Why wait till the holidays arrive to decorate your front door? For mere pennies—and very little effort—you can create a leafy wreath for the fall season. And if you have children, it’s a fun project to do with them.

The least expensive way to make a leaf wreath is to simply cut a wreath shape out of some heavy-duty cardboard and start layering it with fall foliage. A small dot of glue from a glue gun is all it takes to adhere each leaf, and the gun will make short work of this project.

To ensure no cardboard shows through, continue to layer leaves until the final product is nice and full—the more leaves the better!

Another slightly more expensive, but still cost-effective option, is to use a grapevine wreath form instead of cardboard. This enables you to create more dimension and fullness without the need to add quite so many leaves.

Want a wreath you can reuse each fall? Head to the craft store and grab some faux leaves (you can sometimes find these for a song in the seasonal section of a supermarket or drugstore).

Spice up your wreath by adding other autumnal elements like cinnamon sticks, acorns, pinecones, a sprig of pine needles, and so forth. If you’re feeling really crafty, top it off with a layer of metallic spray paint. But you may be happily surprised at just how festive simple fall foliage can be on its own.

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