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Rebecca’s Recommendations: A Light-Bulb Moment for Bath Lighting

Photo by NotarYES_Shutterstock.com

Sometimes an answer pops up when you least expect it. This was the case for me when I recently realized the perfect lighting solution for a warm, winter bath.

During dreary days in February, a long, relaxing bath is just what I need. However, overhead lighting in most bathrooms leaves much to be desired. Of course, candles are an option, but safety is always a concern. I’ve tried bringing in a small desk lamp (really!) when I’m taking a bath, and even considered installing a dimmer switch. But none of those solutions fit the bill.

Then a light bulb went off, literally! I realized a nightlight casts the perfect amount of ambient light for relaxing in the tub. It uses virtually no electricity and takes up little to no room so you can leave it in the bathroom for whenever you need it. The bulbs last a long time and, depending on the bulb wattage and night light cover, you can even tweak the amount of light to your specifications.

Now, taking a bath is super relaxing—just like it should be!

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