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Realities for Children Boulder County

Making New Realities

Foster kids age out of the state foster-care system when they turn 18, and many have nowhere to go and no one who cares about them. Less than half graduate from high school and only 10 percent go to college.

One organization is trying to change that. Realities for Children Boulder County provides scholarships, transitional housing, encouragement and more for at-risk foster kids who age out of the system. “We want to ensure that the past history of abuse and neglect of these students does not define who they will be become,” says executive director Eric Schulz.

Through several fundraisers, Realities for Children Boulder County gives foster kids control of their destinies by providing an education. Emergency funding for youth who are abused and neglected is also part of the organization’s agenda. This spring, seven kids received scholarships through the 2016 Hero Awards Luncheon in Boulder on April 28. The event raised $13,000, and one full CU scholarship (sponsored by Premier Members Credit Union) for 18-year-old Undra Turmandakh. Thanks to donors to Realities for Children Boulder County, these kids have a new story to tell and an exciting college future ahead of them.

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