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Pack these winter days with some in-home fun

Dear Reader:

Winter. It’s cold, it’s dark, It’s here. But let’s make the most of it, shall we? There are always snow sports, but let’s pack these dark days with some in-home fun!

Winter’s a great season to tackle projects, and we’ve got a few suggestions. I’ve never thought of wallpapering, but after seeing the amazing new world of digitally printed papers I just might.

There’s no reason to be blue in winter, says British author and interior stylist Selina Lake. She takes cues from nature and brightens homes with botanicals (see her tips). If you want to decorate, read the design tips on page 34 to avoid faux pas. Of course, the Boulder H+G professionals on page 76 are ready to pitch in with any project as well.

If you’re springtime dreaming, check out the garden gear so you’ll be ready when the season arrives. The garden apps will let you dream, plan, prepare and learn about any gardening aspect you want to explore.

So make the most of it, and we’ll see you again when the springtime blossoms bloom.

Carol S. Brock

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