“This is my 40th anniversary in Boulder, along with KGNU,”

jokes Boulder artist and Colorado native Kevan Krasnoff. He works in steel, wood, stone, concrete, beads and ceramics, “but mostly I am a painter.” Krasnoff says, “We are all artists forever; it’s just a matter of expression.” He’s lost track as to where his many works have been shown, “but there are a lot of pins on the map!”

photos courtesy kevan krasnoff

H+G: Where do you find inspiration?
Krasnoff: “Inspiration is everywhere, in everything—and nowhere when it’s not.”

H+G: What message does your art convey?
K: “Message? Maybe freedom, but I don’t know. Beauty? Confusion? A sense of wonder or even why?”

H+G: What is your favorite thing about creating art?
K: “Zen, bliss, peace, mystery, magic.”

H+G: What is your biggest challenge with art?
K: “Purpose, distribution.”

photos courtesy kevan krasnoff

H+G: Why do you like living in Boulder?
K: “Long list. I live below the Flatirons at the mouth of Boulder Canyon. My people are here, etcetera, etcetera.”

H+G: What artists do you admire?
K: “Stephen Hawking and Tom Petty.”

H+G: What do you do in your spare time?
K: “Is there spare time? Show me, ha! But I am a Grand Canyon boatman. I play a lot of basketball. I feed two painted horses. Gardening, two-hour lunches, good coffee with a view.”

To see Kevan Krasnoff’s art, visit krasnoff.com. You can also tour his sculpture garden by calling 303-941-2363. Visitors are welcome, he says, but by appointment only.

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