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Haley’s Homespuns: Roasted Hatch Green Chile Hummus

Photo by Barbro Bergfeldt

Roasted Hatch Green Chile Hummus combines best of two worlds

I’m fortunate to say that my journalistic endeavors have taken me to some pretty fantastic places—the West Bank and New Mexico, in particular. I’ll forever have a soft spot in my heart for these arid places, which is why this week’s Homespun is near and dear to me—a recipe for roasted Hatch Green Chile Hummus. It combines the best of these two worlds—incredible, authentic West Bank hummus and New Mexico roasted Hatch green chilies.


3+ Hatch green chilies (depending on your desired spiciness)

1½ cups canned chickpeas

1+ cup tahini

4 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice

2 cloves roasted garlic

2 tablespoons plain Greek yogurt

4+ tablespoons good EVOO, plus extra for drizzling on top



Move a rack in your oven 4-6 inches below the heating element

Preheat oven to 425˚ F.

Wash and pat dry each pepper

Lay peppers whole on a nonstick baking sheet or on parchment paper

Roast for three to five minutes on each side, until each side is blistering and blackened (you’ll need to keep an eye on the chilies and flip with tongs when appropriate)

Remove chilies from oven and let them cool in a paper bag.

Once the chilies are completely cool, discard the tops and slide off the skins

Rough chop and set aside



My number-one rule of thumb for hummus, whether I’m buying or making it, is the tahini ought to be the second-most plentiful ingredient (after only chickpeas). This is what makes hummus rich and delicious. I am of the opinion there should be absolutely no extra water added to hummus as well, but the verdict is out on that one. Some people like to add yogurt to their hummus, while others don’t. The verdict is out on that one, too, but since this variety (inspired by The Mediterranean Dish) is loaded with Hatch green chilies, I thought the extra creaminess would be a good fit for this particular recipe. Hummus is unbelievably easy to make; here is how you do it:

Dump chickpeas into a strainer and rinse with cold water

Gently rub handfuls of chickpeas to remove and discard skins. Repeat until all of the skins are removed

Blend chickpeas in a food processer until they become a thick, minimally grainy paste

With food processer still running, pour in tahini, lemon juice garlic and roasted green chilies

Keep running until ingredients are incorporated. With the processer still running, add yogurt and then stream in olive oil to achieve the desired thickness

Use a spatula to scrape hummus out of the processor and place it in a serving bowl

Drizzle hummus with olive oil and sprinkle with paprika, sumac or chipotle powder for garnish

Serve with warm pita bread and enjoy


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