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Haley’s Homespuns: Do it yourself beach-hair look

Hit the Beach—in Colorado!

Remember when you hit the beach last summer and your hair had those gorgeous, beach-y waves? Even Coloradans can get the beach-hair look with this homespun hack. Saltwater sprays are easy to make and give your hair that effortlessly wavy look you thought could only be earned from a day at the beach.

The best part of making your own saltwater spray is that it’s totally customizable. Is your hair dry? Add a little more coconut oil. Oily? More salt. If your locks don’t like to hold their shape, you can even mix in a little hair gel. And add your favorite essential oils for a desired scent.

Here’s a basic how-to; it’s up to you to fiddle around and find just the right recipe for you.


1 cup filtered water
1-2 teaspoons sea salt (any kind)
1 tablespoon of coconut oil (you can also use Moroccan Argan oil or a mixture of the two)
2-4 drops of your favorite essential oil


Warm the water on the stove (don’t boil it) and mix in salt and oil. If you choose to add hair gel, add about half a teaspoon. If your hair needs even more repair than you’ll get from the natural salt and coconut oil, another option is to add half a teaspoon of leave-in conditioner instead of hair gel.

If you do choose to add hair gel or leave-in conditioner, bare in mind how the scents of the essential oils you choose will (or won’t) complement each other.

Let the mixture cool to room temperature and pour into a clean, empty spray bottle. Shake vigorously and spritz generously on damp hair.

Then show off those locks!

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