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Get a good night’s sleep with these budget-friendly window shades

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Sweet Sleep

Almost everyone’s looking for a better night’s sleep—one easy way to do that? Make sure your room is as dark as possible. Blackout shades are the perfect way to achieve this, but can be pricey, and finding the perfect fit isn’t always easy.

A great alternative to expensive premade shades is to buy some budget-friendly blackout material and cut it to size for your specific windows. Roc-Lon makes an inexpensive material that works as well as those that are triple the price. It’s available online or at your local JoAnn Fabric and Craft store (Tip: Visit www.joann.com/coupon for a coupon that will yield an even bigger discount.)

Use the fabric as a liner for existing drapes. But if your windows have blinds or other similarly recessed window treatments, you can install a thin, inconspicuous Velcro strip along the top and sides of a window frame to attach. For the most durability, attach the soft Velcro portion to the fabric and the rough portion to the frame. Command strips by 3M work particularly well because they won’t ruin the frame or the paint, and are easy to remove.

Once you’re ready to start your day, simply pull off the blackout material to let the sunshine in.

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