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From cleaning to seed vaults, join me in learning some amazing stuff

Dear Reader:

One of the many things I like about creating this magazine is all the stuff I get to learn. From new plants and decorating ideas to environmental issues and recipes to try, I learn something new with each issue. I hope you do, too.

One thing I recently discovered was you need to vacuum upholstered furniture. Who knew? Rebecca Schneider, the Queen of Clean, pointed that out in her article on spring cleaning. Rebecca is now contributing weekly online-only tips on various topics to our website, BoulderHG.com, where you can read “Rebecca’s Recommendations” on ways to freeze your fall harvest, how to easily shred chicken, and more. Rebecca recently had a baby, so I’m sure we’ll soon be getting baby recommendations as well!

Back to the season at hand: Fall is lovely! Cool days, crisp nights and lots of occasions to celebrate with family and friends. Broncos fans are itching to see a dazzling defense and hotshot running scheme, and the upcoming holidays will have all of us scrambling to keep up.

Parties are high on the holiday agenda, so we’ve included an article in this issue about the do’s and don’ts of hosting an environmentally friendly party during football games, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

With colorful leaves and changing landscapes, fall is an exquisite time to camp out. If you’d like to “glamp up” your camp (I would), learn how to be the envy of your campsite neighbors by reading “Let’s Go Glamping!”

As we head into crisper nights, it’s time to consider snuggling up under sheets you love on a mattress you adore. You can learn how to pick the most comfortable ones for your tastes in this issue as well.

Panayoti Kelaidis recommends sturdy trees to plant in fall to replace ones you may have lost this year due to weird, wild weather, while Lisa Marshall lets us in on the hottest plants to put in place for fiery fall colors in your garden.

Another fascinating thing in this issue is the nation’s seed vault located in Fort Collins. The nondescript, weather- and bombproof facility holds our agricultural well-being inside its industrial walls. Read about the federal facility’s interesting mission in “Seed Safekeeping.”

Meeting incredible locals who do amazing things with their homes and gardens is one other thing I truly enjoy about editing this magazine. Coco Gordon’s novel home in Lyons and Tina Davis’ Longmont garden create the perfect platforms for their different artwork.

I also get to work with a swell group of folks, like staff photographer Paul Weinrauch (wizard of technology and lighting), editorial art director Karen Sperry (master of artistry and design), publication art director Peggy Doyle (production powerhouse) and all our account executives (sales force extraordinaire), as well as the many creative writers, industry professionals, home gardeners and others whose combined efforts make this magazine the best it can be. Thanks to you all.

My biggest thanks goes to our advertisers, who enable everyone’s efforts at the magazine. Please support them, and their businesses.

Enjoy this most pleasant season, and we’ll see you again in winter, when you can learn about a whole range of new topics. In the interim, catch up on anything you missed here at our website, and let me know about your home, your garden, your ideas and anything you’d like to see or read about in these pages.

In the meantime, best to you and yours.


Carol S. Brock


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