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Foolproof Gardening

If you love eating food fresh from the garden but find growing vegetables intimidating, you should join The Urban Farm Co.’s “Garden Club.” The club wants to reach people who say growing food is too difficult, time-consuming or stressful, says company founder Bryant Mason.

The Garden Club sends out free weekly emails and texts to anyone interested in learning more about growing their own food. It also gives members access to short educational videos, seed discounts and in-person classes.

The Urban Farm Co. can also install a garden for you, at minimal cost, that is productive, nutrient-dense and foolproof. “By reducing plant stress and focusing on soil mineral balancing, it’s possible to grow plants that are pest and disease resistant, nutrient dense and flavorful,” Mason says. “That’s when gardening gets fun, easy and delicious.”

To join the Garden Club, call 1-970-658-0667 or visit www.urbanfarmcolorado.com.

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