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Find Your Style: A Decorating Quiz

By Carol Brock

We all have a décor we’re drawn to—one that feels comfortable to live with day to day. Sometimes we know what it is, sometimes we don’t, but our choices can help reveal our nature.

This easy quiz lets you zero in on your particular décor style. Don’t ponder your answers; just pick the first one that appeals to you. That way, your result is more likely to honestly reflect you.

Which Vacation Destination Would You Choose?

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Which Color Swatch Do You Like Best?

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Which House Would You Live In If You Could?

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Which Flower Brings You The Most Joy?

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Which Type of Flooring Suits You Best?

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Which Pet Would You Have If You Could?

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What Is Your Go-To Drink When You’re Stressed Out?

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Which Room Would You Choose to Relax In?

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Answer Key

If you picked mostly A images, you like things to be clean, sleek and uncluttered. Openness suits you, and you’ve got a creative streak that expresses itself in colors, patterns, textures and materials. It’s hard to hold you back when you get up a head of steam, but your fun-loving playful streak forces you outside your boundaries. Your home is rightfully your haven, and it brings you joy and peace.

If you picked mostly B images, you’re a sentimentalist who honors ageless traditions. Family and friends are important to you, and passing the time on the front porch is a fine way to spend the morning or afternoon. Gardening is in your nature, and walking the dog brings you joy. Your home is important, but more so as a gathering point for get-togethers than a solitary refuge for yourself.

If you picked mostly C images, you’re a nature lover who is most at home in the woods. Natural materials appeal to you, and your home should be a cozy, comforting space where you can relax and enjoy solitude. You’re introspective and curious, and pondering life’s mysteries is second nature to you. You find beauty in natural objects, and a walk outdoors is the best way to clear your head.

If you picked mostly D images, you appreciate life’s simple pleasures, like fresh-baked bread, freshly cut flowers and the open countryside. You don’t mind a little clutter, as long as it has meaning to you. And lingering over tea and a scone in the morning is best with a lover by your side. You like the sincere joys in life: fresh air, fresh food, fresh conversations and a companionable pet to stroke.

If most of your answers don’t fall into one category, you’re an eclectic soul who takes curious pleasure in life’s many different aspects. No particular style suits your freewheeling spirit; you like them all!


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