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Fall Fresh-Ups

Brighten your home this season with affordable accessories and accents

Autumn’s here, signaling the transition from outdoor to indoor activities. It’s the perfect season for freshening your space with affordable accessories and accents.

By Carol Brock

setpfressIn autumn, when sunlight dwindles and nights turn nippy, our homes become more our havens. A few new accessories can truly brighten your space and your mood. Here are ways to give every room an affordable update:


The Bedroom

Who doesn’t like to curl up on a chilly night with a good book and a cup of tea? It’s much nicer to curl up in a cushy lair, so toss threadbare sheets and dated comforters and get comfy with plush fabrics and perky designs. While you’re at it, replace worn area rugs with fall-inspired fashions.

The Entry

It’s the place you and visitors see first, so make it more welcoming with a new mat. Choose colors that represent the season—rusts, oranges, reds, browns—and pleasant, playful designs that are bound to make you and guests smile.

The Bath

If your shower has a curtain, it’s likely the first thing you see when you walk into the bathroom. A new curtain with flirty patterns and colors can really make this room pop. New towels and bath mats are nice touches, too.

The Dining Room

The dining room is for meals and sharing your day, so talk around the table is a given. Why not provide something nice to look at during discussions? With thousands of table-toppers to pick from, you can choose one for every occasion: candles for romance, flowers for beauty and vases containing stones, twigs and other interesting items.

livingroomThe Living Room

There are so many accessories in a living room, how do you choose just one? Focus on the few with the largest impact: rugs, lighting and pillows. You can also toss artwork into the mix.

The Kitchen

A new clock and fun dish towels are accessories that can brighten up a kitchen. Choose towels with vibrant colors and prints, and a clock you can actually read from a distance to keep abreast of cooking times.

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