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Fall 2017: Things We Love

Our staff and families love these things,
and thought you might, too!

4Pawdle Expandable Pet Carrier

Photo by Sara Bruskin

Sara loves her Pawdle Expandable Pet Carrier. Her cat, Pop Tart, used to hide in terror when she saw the old plastic cat carrier come out, because it meant one thing: a trip to the vet. Expandable pet carriers provide roomy, tent-like security crates that are far more versatile. “I leave this carrier under my desk with a comfy blanket in it so Pop Tart can hide away in her super- secret clubhouse at any time,” Sara says. “Since she has comforting associations with it, loading her up for trips has been so much easier!” Visit www.amazon.com.

3Sencha Naturals Green Tea Mints

Photo by Lisa Truesdale

Molly, Brock Media’s teen ambassador, loves Sencha Naturals Green Tea Mints. As a busy high-school freshman, she can’t just stop and pull out a teapot in the middle of math class, but her handy little tube of tea-infused mints tucks right into the front pocket of her backpack. And even at the young age of 15, she knows all about the benefits of green tea, including improved focus for writing that darned English essay, neutralizing smelly breath after eating cafeteria meatloaf, and helping prevent heart disease later in life. Just three small mints equal a whole cup of tea, and they’re suitable for her gluten-free and vegan classmates.

Photo by Lisa Truesdale

Not that she’ll want to share, though, because she’s in love with all four flavors—original, sage peppermint, cardamom cinnamon, and ginger lemongrass. “All the people who refused to share their gum with me are going to regret it,” she laughs. Visit www.senchanaturals.com.

2Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology

Photo courtesy Shark

Carol has cleaned carpets for years with a Hoover WindTunnel vacuum. But after receiving a Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology bag-less vacuum, she’s a Shark convert. “The Hoover is heavy; the Shark is light. The Hoover doesn’t pick up dust and embedded dirt; the Shark does. The Hoover clogs with dog hair; the Shark doesn’t,” Carol says. Long story short: She’s finally (and happily) entered the high-tech cleaning world.

Photo courtesy Shark

With an extra-long cord, great suction, several accessories and a small head that pivots into any space, the Rocket blasts away dust and dirt that her old Hoover didn’t even touch. The smallish dirt collector needs frequent emptying, but Carol doesn’t consider that a drawback. She’s always amazed by the volume of dirt, dog hair and dust the vacuum collects in a short span of time. Visit www.sharkclean.com.

1Chef’n Garlic Zoom

Photo by Carol Brock

Mary loves the Chef’n Garlic Zoom garlic chopper. The extra-large Garlic Zoom can chop or mince up to five peeled garlic cloves at a time, and dices shallots and ginger as well. The smaller size can chop three garlic cloves. “This is a great tool for many reasons,” Mary says. It reliably chops, it keeps hands from smelling garlicky, it’s easy to clean (rinse it by hand or place it in the top dishwasher shelf), and it looks like a little green moon rover.

Photo by Carol Brock

To chop, simply roll it anywhere—across a counter, a cutting board or even the palm of your hand. “If you love garlic and chop a lot of it,” Mary says, “this tool is indispensable.” Visit www.chefn.com.


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