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ELI’S WEEKLY IDEA: Overnight Oats

For a fiber- and protein-filled breakfast, nothing hits the spot quite like overnight oats.

Fitness gurus and nutritionists always point to oats as a powerhouse food, but the amount of time it takes to prepare a hot bowl of steel-cut goodness generally has me reaching for a granola bar instead.
Enter overnight oats, possibly the easiest way to prepare oats ever—and a vegan-friendly food! These are hard to mess up, and don’t really require a recipe. Serve cold or mix in a little extra liquid before heating in the microwave. As for flavors and toppings, feel free to experiment! You can hardly go wrong.
Step 1:
Fill a jar with half oats, half liquid. Recommended liquids: water, milk or alternative milks. Vanilla almond milk works especially well.
Step 2:
Add toppings! Fruit, nuts, a little chocolate drizzle—it’s up to you! Blueberries and toasted almonds are a favorite, and mixing PB&J in is decadent!
Step 3:
Cover and let soak in the fridge. If using rolled oats, soak overnight; quick oats only need 30 minutes.
Step 4:
Add more topping and enjoy! (This is the best time to add granola, as it keeps its crunch.)
Want some flavor ideas to start? Try these: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2014/01/overnight-oatmeal.html
Photo: JeniFoto, Shutterstock
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