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A spring-cleaning checklist

Spring-cleaning goes beyond regular chores to focus on tasks that don’t happen often, so here’s a checklist to ensure you won’t miss a spot.

Refresh with Indoor Plants

Poisonous compounds released by furniture, carpets and building material pollute the indoor air you breathe. The best antidote --especially in buildings with closed ventilation...

Find Your Style: A Decorating Quiz

We all have a décor we’re drawn to—one that feels comfortable to live with day to day. This easy quiz lets you zero in on your particular décor style.

8 Steps to Perfect Cast-Iron Cooking

Autumn is the perfect time to camp out, and what’s better than a big cast-iron pot of food after a hike to see the...

Passing Time on the Porch- Even if you don’t have one!

Although nudged into temporary obscurity, front porches saw resurgence in the ’80s and ’90s. Today, the once-defunct home addition has made a comeback.

Butter Me Up

Jessica Jacobson recently invited us to her home to feast on six incredible dishes made with her Fireworks Finishing Butter.

Feature Home: Home Is Where the Herd Is

This couple's second careers led to farm animals, helping people in Peru, and an idyllic farmhouse on the prairie.

Our homes provide comfort and a safe haven in times of uncertainty

To a certain degree, external events influence decorating trends. This year’s political climate, for example, is encouraging people to embrace tradition.

Wild Edibles

Here are some wild edible plants you can try...The following plants are most nutritious and tender the first few weeks after they appear in spring...

Senior Safety: Ways to keep a loved one safe from a potentially devastating fall

Falls are the leading cause of injuries among seniors. They threaten not only their health, but also their independence and ability to care for themselves.