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Patterns, Patterns Everywhere

To help get your pattern ball rolling, we asked these pros to explain their approaches to adding, mixing and matching patterns in the home using photos of their projects as examples. Build on their advice, and go bold!

Eco-Conscious Home Goods

These eco-conscious companies offer beautiful home items and furnishings we can appreciate both for their loveliness and the thoughtful, earth-friendly ways in which they’re created.

How Diet Impacts Climate Change

By swapping a few things in your diet and making thoughtful choices, you can help mitigate global warming and safeguard our planet’s future.

Fabulous Fiber: How to use textiles as art

Traditionally, textiles have served utilitarian purposes as bedding, table linens, throws or rugs. But using them as art can add warmth, dimension and interest to a home.

Marvelous Mushrooms

Local foragers delight in the hunt for wild mushrooms from spring to fall.

Pop Into Summer with these homemade ice pops

Nothing says summer like refreshing, homemade ice pops. Try these garden-inspired, kitchen-tested recipes for kids and adults.

Bridget Law: My Perfect Day

Rejoicing in an environmentally pure world would be the perfect day for this founding member of Elephant Revival.

Meet Artist Cindi Yaklich

Cindi Yaklich got hooked on oil painting at age 12, when her mother gave her a paint set for her birthday.

A zero-waste world is possible in a circular economy. Here’s how it would work.

The Circle Game By Tanya Ishikawa Buy a chai and a hummus wrap at any Planet Bluegrass festival in Lyons, and they’ll come in compostable or...

Patio Perfection

Everyone has a different idea of the ideal patio, but certain elements can help any patio achieve perfection. By Carol Brock Patio season is upon us,...