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8 Steps to Perfect Cast-Iron Cooking

Autumn is the perfect time to camp out, and what’s better than a big cast-iron pot of food after a hike to see the...

Butter Me Up

Jessica Jacobson recently invited us to her home to feast on six incredible dishes made with her Fireworks Finishing Butter.

Wild Edibles

Here are some wild edible plants you can try...The following plants are most nutritious and tender the first few weeks after they appear in spring...

Fishing for Greener Choices: seafood choices

Trying to eat healthy and sustainably can be fishy business when it comes to seafood. Here are the reasons why your seafood-buying choices matter.

How to make fresh, delicious dill pickles at home

Here's how to make your own pickles. Not only does canning save money—preserving foods in season before they spoil—it’s healthier, it’s green, and it’s fun!

Why imperfect food should find its way to our tables

The Beauty of Ugly Food: Why imperfect food should find its way to our tables instead of the trash.

Rebecca’s Recommendations: How to Go Slow-Cooking

As the weather cools down and you’re craving heartier meals, keep these tips in mind when you power up your Crock-Pot for slow-cooking: Double or...

Rebecca’s Recommendations: Preserve Fresh Fruits and Veggies by Freezing

Fall is for Freezing! Whether from your garden, the grocery or a CSA, fall’s fresh harvest should never go to waste. The key to preserving...

Rebecca’s Recommendations: Quick-Cooking Beans

While canned beans are all well and good, once you try freshly cooked it’ll be difficult to go back to canned. Freshly cooked beans...

Rebecca’s Recommendations: Easy Shredded Meat

When it comes to making the most out of meat, both in terms of boosting flavor and stretching your dollar, here's a great recipe...