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10 Home Trends for 2010

This year’s décor trends are budget-conscious and green. We all know the fashion police.  They’re the ones who tell us what to wear and when...

New Tricks for Old Pets

Simple changes can make a big impact in your pet’s golden years.

Front Door Fashions

Choosing a front door is fraught with considerations. Here are ways to narrow your choices. By Carol Brock Just as the eyes are the windows to the...

How To Tie A Woman’s Scarf


Get Your “Gezellig” On

Cozy up your home with some Dutch gezellig (coziness) this winter.

Farm Fare: Farm-to-Table Dining

Farm-to-table dining is not only festive, it enriches the community and the spirit. By Ainslee Kellogg Mac Naughton To skeptics of farm-to-table dining, Eric Skokan offers...

Surprise! Surprise!

A professional tells how to avoid remodel nightmares By Larry Parrish Do you like surprises? Likely, that would depend on the nature of the surprise. Some...

Families Under One Roof

Multigenerational households, which combine generations of a single family under a single roof, are increasingly common in today’s economy. By Bruce H. Wolk The Pew Research Center...

Senior Safety: Ways to keep a loved one safe from a potentially devastating fall

Falls are the leading cause of injuries among seniors. They threaten not only their health, but also their independence and ability to care for themselves.

Meet artist Emmy Swenson

Emmy Swenson is an acrylic painter who prefers large canvases.