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Get Your “Gezellig” On

Cozy up your home with some Dutch gezellig (coziness) this winter.

Feature Home: Golden Opportunity

When this couple had to scrape their newly bought home, they built another one with an eye toward their golden years.

Three Recipes That Got Locals Through Trying Times

Hungarian chicken soup and other soul-warming dishes to comfort and nourish.

Better Bookshelves

Well-organized, thoughtfully arranged bookshelves add life, color, warmth and intimacy to a room. Here are tips for turning what is often a functional aspect of a room into something that enhances, informs and brightens the space.

Feature Home: How a Midcentury Modern Became a Modern Midcentury

Go With the Flow By Lisa Truesdale Photos by Rob Larsen Photography   When Janet Shanberge and Bob Burke purchased a midcentury modern home in Boulder’s Flagstaff neighborhood,...

Patterns, Patterns Everywhere

To help get your pattern ball rolling, we asked these pros to explain their approaches to adding, mixing and matching patterns in the home using photos of their projects as examples. Build on their advice, and go bold!

Eco-Conscious Home Goods

These eco-conscious companies offer beautiful home items and furnishings we can appreciate both for their loveliness and the thoughtful, earth-friendly ways in which they’re created.

How Diet Impacts Climate Change

By swapping a few things in your diet and making thoughtful choices, you can help mitigate global warming and safeguard our planet’s future.

Marvelous Mushrooms

Local foragers delight in the hunt for wild mushrooms from spring to fall.

Feature Home: A Contemporary Canvas

This modern home was designed to showcase the artist-owner’s paintings, but it’s also a work of art on its own.