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Zones 5 & 6: Planting and Harvesting Chart

Planting and harvesting dates in the Mountain States region for annual plants cultivated outdoors in the garden without protective devices.

10 Garden Trends

interacting with nature in friendlier ways is a big priority this year, according to the 2019 Garden Trends Report from Garden Media. Here are other trends from the report.

Microgreens pack a mega punch

Growing microgreens in your home is a hot DIY hobby these days. Who wouldn’t want a tasty, nutrient-rich food to add to meals simply by plucking it from a windowsill tray?

Water-Wise Gardening

These dozen tips from the Colorado State University Extension will get your garden in water-efficiency mode.

How to build a homemade bee hotel that helps native pollinators thrive

B&Bs for Bees By Sara Bruskin Picture a bee. Go on—get the image in your head. Did you imagine a black-and-­yellow honeybee? There’s a good chance you...

Ways to harvest all the health advantages a garden can offer

With a bit of mindful planning, your garden can be a powerful tool for reaching health goals.

Autumn Leaf Hunt for Kids

Let’s go on a scavenger hunt and learn about trees.

Local creatures that terrify us—and why they really shouldn’t

Why do we fear creepy-crawly creatures—those unloved but generally harmless inhabitants of our backyards and beyond?

Six Tips to Boost Your Autumn Garden Bounty

It’s time to plant a fall garden and extend the productive bounty of summer’s harvest. Fall is actually an easier time of year to...

Almost any yard can fit a pond

Almost any yard can fit a pond, she says, as long as the pond is set up correctly. Here are Smith’s tips for raising fish in a backyard pond.