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Trees Are Talking

You may not hear them, but trees communicate messages to each other via air and roots, and scientists are proving what poets have known for years: There is wisdom in the trees.
year of the lavender

Plants of the Year — 2020

Every year, the National Garden Bureau features five crops that are "popular, easy to grow, widely adaptable, genetically diverse, and versatile."

Boundless Landscapes: Losing Lawns, Gaining Farmland

Boundless Landscapes is using Boulder as a testing ground for its “community-embedded agriculture” model by turning lawns into micro-farms across the city.

Tim Brod: Enjoying a pollinator-friendly planet would be the perfect day for this Longmont...

On my perfect day, we citizens of the world would daily ask ourselves how our human ecology contributes to environmental awareness and sustainability.

Eight A-Lister Alpine Plants

Many true alpines won’t grow at lower altitudes, but a surprising number can adapt to Front Range gardens. These tiny jewels all start with “A” and sparkle in local rock gardens.

Local farmers know healthy soil is where it all starts–here are their tips to...

A difference in flavor also indicates a disparity in health benefits, and studies show that the nutrient density in commercially produced fruits and vegetables is declining.

Unusual plants to shake up the garden—and your taste buds

These six fruits and veggies have varieties that offer more curious flavors.

Planting by the Moon and Stars

Mikl Brawner of Harlequin’s Gardens in Boulder recommends using moon phases, planetary movements and star constellations as indicators of beneficial planting times.

Vertical Vegetables

Story By Amy Andrychowicz Photos by Tracy Walsh There are many types of structures you can use for growing food vertically, with virtually unlimited room for...

Spring Gardener’s Guide

Our Guide to Gardening in Boulder County • 10 Garden Trends • Build a Bee Hotel • Water-Wise Gardening • Microgreens Pack a Mega Punch • Zones 5 &...