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Feature Garden: Fab in Four Seasons

It’s hard to believe this lush garden was once an eyesore. Now it’s a sight for sore eyes in every season.

Über Tubers

Get your garden in tuber-licious shape with these stunning tubers that are best planted in fall. By Mary Lynn Bruny Good gardeners always plan ahead, and...

Crevice gardens allow gardeners to grow xeric plants in unique setting

some local gardeners are starting to experiment with crevice gardens—a new type of easy-to-maintain garden centerpiece.

Growing Year-Round

A Boulder inventor’s revolutionary off-the-grid thermal system is perfect for heating greenhouses, homes, garages and studios year-round.

Beautiful Bulbs: Buy Now to Plant in Fall

Bulbs are primarily plants of semiarid and Mediterranean habitats, which means they’re perfect for Colorado gardens.

A Garden in Flux

Anchored by something old and many things new, this Mapleton Hill garden has transitioned alongside its owners. By Carol Brock • Photos by If only...

Bugs-B-Gone: A guide to natural pest control

Going organic starts with the right plant in the right place with the right care. But when things go awry, here’s a guide to...

A Path Well Traveled

Choosing the right garden path is essential, but the choices are many. Here are some options.

Potting Spots

A potting station can be a creative project that pays off in terms of gardening ease. It’s hard not to covet the potting stations we...


Despite severe weather during the 2013 growing season, some plants performed like champs. We asked local gardeners and experts to share their summer favorites with...