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Throw a Kokedama Houseplant Party

Gather some friends and wrap your favorite plants up in moss and string to create these whimsical kokedama spheres.

Versatile Vines

We asked local gardening experts to share their favorite vines for different purposes. Here’s what they said.

Treats for Tweets: Birdseed Ornaments

Making birdseed ornaments creates family fun and food for feathered friends By Ruthanne Johnson   Admit it. You like getting gifts. Yes, opening those holiday packages helps...

Pleasurable Paperwhites

If you’re yearning for quick blooms before spring kicks in, look no further than the paperwhite narcissus.

Beautiful Bonsai

Growing bonsai can instill patience and an appreciation for nature By Sara Bruskin   Horticulture is an art form, and nowhere is that more apparent than in...