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Companion Planting

Arranging your garden with companion planting in mind can help deter detrimental bugs, help to balance soil nutrients, provide shade for easily sun-scorched plants and much more.

Meet Artist Anne Gifford

Boulder artist Anne Gifford is perhaps best known for the eight BOLDERBoulder 10K posters she’s created for the race over the past 30 years.

Ground Contenders: Great Grass Alternatives

Maintaining a grass lawn takes a lot of water. Step outside the box and consider these drought-tolerant ground covers that make great grass alternatives.

Feature Home: From Groovy to Grand

This welcoming home works well for both people and wildlife By Lisa Truesdale Photos by Autumn Brooke Grinath and Dave Smith   It’s not often that a flock...

Throw a Kokedama Houseplant Party

Gather some friends and wrap your favorite plants up in moss and string to create these whimsical kokedama spheres.

Versatile Vines

We asked local gardening experts to share their favorite vines for different purposes. Here’s what they said.

Finding Room for a Home Office

How to work from home when you think you don’t have the space for a home office.