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Bring the Beauty of Nature Inside

Decor tips to create a natural feel indoors

By Carol Brock


When the days turn brisk and gardens fold up for the season, it’s time to accept that, yes, winter is on its way. After a season full of green things, hot days, sandals and suntans, the arrival of cold weather is a bit of a shock. But you can lessen the blow by bringing the beauty of nature inside. Pick a spot by a window that gets natural sunlight, then try some of these tips to make the area seem as outdoorsy as possible—even when snowflakes drift by the windowpane!

1. Paper one wall with a mural of plant scenes, or hire a local artist to paint one (see image above).



Photo courtesy Audenza

2. Hang a mirror across from the window to reflect as much daylight as possible. Choose a framed mirror embellished with nature-inspired accents.


Photo courtesy The French Bedroom Co

3. Use a diffuser to release natural essential oils of plants and flowers into the space.


Photo courtesy Haddonstone

4. Add a recirculating water fountain for a tranquil soundtrack at home.


Photo courtesy Sweet Pea & Willow

5. Brighten the space with table and floor lamps that feature natural themes in their construction.


Photo by Amelia Martin, Shutterstock.com

6. Install a wall trellis with faux or real vines growing up it.


Photo courtesy MINDTHEGAP
Photo courtesy MINDTHEGAP

7. Decorate walls with artwork featuring scenes from nature.


Photo courtesy Ella James

8. Pile on the potted plants, real or faux, and fill the space with cut flowers or ones made of silk or wood.


Photo courtesy Ragged Rose Ltd
Photo courtesy Ragged Rose Ltd

9. Pick out furniture that evokes nature, like tables with branch-inspired metalwork, or sofas, chairs, pillows and throws with botanical-themed fabrics.


Photo courtesy Annabel James

10. Hang garlands of string lights with natural motifs or place them in a glass jar for a firefly effect.


Relax and enjoy your new natural space when the days turn chilly!

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