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Bedroom Banter and Tips to Promote Relaxation and Rest

A bedroom should be a place of warmth and comfort that promotes relaxation and rest. These tips from Boulder-based Michelle Riviera Interior Design can help transform your sleeping space into a blissful dream world.

By Lisa Truesdale

1Create a theme to build on

photo by Michelle Riviera Design

For inspiration, search online or browse decorating magazines and books. “For romantic, think matelassé and a painted headboard,” Michelle Riviera says. “Or if you like rustic, go for a wood wall and iron side tables. Contemporary could be a low bed and solid textured bedding, while a four-poster bed and wall coverings are more traditional.”

2De-clutter and add what you love

photo by photographee.eu

Clutter from all over the house has a way of ending up in the bedroom. “Start by clearing everything out of your bedroom except the bed,” Riviera says.

After you’ve cleared the clutter, choose a few simple items to add back in, like a piece of art you love or bedding you can’t part with (or sleep without). Keep accessories to a minimum and, if you’re starting from scratch, find new pieces to match your chosen theme.

3Light & Color

photo by svet veo

Color is very important, Riviera says. “Light neutral or cool colors are best in the bedroom. Avoid strong yellow, red or orange, because they are too stimulating.” If you want to introduce a stronger color try a tranquil blue or green accent wall behind the headboard.

Dimmers on light fixtures can really change your space in the evening, and bedside lamps are a must: “They are a great way to transition into the night, and they are also an easy way to reinforce your chosen theme.”

Layer lighting so that you have ambient, lamp and focused lighting that you can turn on or off according to your mood or activity.

4Furniture &  Window Coverings

photo by Michelle Riviera Design

When considering furniture, remember that big, dark dressers can overtake a room, so choose the right-size furniture for the space. Also, consider less-obvious storage to keep clutter at bay, like under the bed and hidden from view by a bed skirt, inside a bench or chest, below a skirted table or in a well-organized closet.

Window coverings are a must in the bedroom. “Consider opaque or blackout shades for light control, then add drapes in a neutral color for softness and texture.”

5Gadgets are disruptive

photo by archiviz

Several scientific studies show gadgets in the bedroom can be extremely disruptive to sleep, so TVs, computers and cellphones have no place in a bedroom. Replace them with a sound machine that plays soothing music or tranquil nature sounds. And find a candleholder or aromatherapy dispenser and light a lavender-scented candle or diffuse calming lavender essential oil before bedtime.

6Combine patterns and textures

photo by Oknoart

Don’t be afraid to combine different patterns and textures. Start with three patterns in a range of scales, so your first pattern is large in scale and something you absolutely love. Your second pattern plays off the color in your first pattern but it’s half the scale. Your third pattern should contain a complementary color or neutral texture of the smallest scale. Add solid colors and textures on pillows, rugs and throws to give your gaze a place to rest.

7Create a sitting spot in your bedroom.

photo by photographee.eu

“It may be the only private space you have in your home, and it will give you an opportunity to enjoy all of the improvements you’ve made,” Riviera says.

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