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7 Ideas to Make the Most of a Small Patio

Turn Tiny into Terrific

By Carol Brock

Your patio may not be spacious, but it can be the perfect space to surround yourself in beauty. Here are tips to turn tiny into terrific.

1Focal point

photo by Ariadna de Raadt

“Create a focal point,” says interior designer Anne Jaffe of Jerdadan Designs in Boulder. Vibrantly colored outdoor pillows and rugs can attract the eye to a certain area.

2Don’t cut corners

photo by Cycreation

“Fill corners with plants of varying sizes and shapes that soften hard edges,” Jaffe says. Corners are also good spots for bench seats when space is at a premium.

3Think outside the box

photo by Ev Thomas

Limited space calls for thinking outside the box, like these charming mail box planters.

4Use the walls

photo by Thanate Rooprasert

“Hang things on the walls,” Jaffe suggests. These homeowners hung mailbox planters, birdhouses and greenery frames to creatively fill their vertical space with refreshing elements.

5Mirrors and colors

photo by Elena Elisseeva

Mirrors reflect a view, making a small space feel larger. And “color is your friend,” Jaffe says. “Paint a wall a striking color. It helps create a focal point,” which is particularly important in small spaces.

6Individual expression

photo by Jennifer Bayer

Even a tiny space to take off your shoes can become a haven for individual expression. This homeowner crafted the wreath and mirror frame, and picked out knickknacks she liked—a rabbit, a crab and the letter “B” for her last name.

7Pump up the plant power

photo by Aon Skynotlimit

This homeowner used a stepladder to pump up the plant power on her small patio. “I just love greenery,” she says, “and I love the way a stepladder allows you to have a lot of plants on different levels, instead of together on the ground.

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