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Haley’s Homespuns: Talking Tomatoes

Pruning your tomatoes contributes to the plants' overall health. (photo courtesy Shutterstock.com)

Pruning tomatoes helps them keep flowering and producing fruit

If your tomato plants have lots of dead leaves and dried branches, it’s time to prune them to help them keep flowering and producing fruit.

Cutting off dead leaves and branches benefits the plant’s overall health and improves airflow to healthy leaves. It also removes areas where moisture can collect, which helps diseases infect the plant, and makes it easier to spot pests. Best of all, pruning redirects the plant’s energy to flowering and ripening fruit.

So if your plants look a little shriveled, prune them to give them an extra boost.
• Carefully clip dead or decaying leaves and branches below any blossoms and fruit.
• Fertilizing tomatoes with an organic fertilizer will also help them be more productive.

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