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Life’s a Bear

Photo by Jeff Finkelstein

A Good Place to Nap

Living in close concert with nature is both a pleasure and privilege of living in Boulder County. We’re used to deer and the occasional fox or skunk meandering the yard. But it’s another thing when an adolescent bear climbs up your tree for an afternoon snooze. That’s why this fella caused quite a stir on Vassar Drive in south Boulder on April 28.

He was simply searching for a good place to nap and couldn’t resist the excellent configuration of this tree in someone’s front yard. He quickly attracted TV cameras and neighbors, but he wasn’t too impressed by the hubbub, and soon he was peacefully snoring away.At dusk, he ambled down and headed west toward open space.

These unusual city sightings are a good reminder to keep trash bins out of reach, compost bins locked up and barbecue grills clean. And, for goodness sake, never feed wildlife. We want to continue to see wonderful wild creatures—not imperil them.

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