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Rebecca’s Recommendations: The (Un)-Tangled Web We Weave–Keep Necklaces Knot-Free

Photo by Alex Veresovich

As the holiday season winds down, we’ll look to store many of our wearable baubles for the next season.

To prevent the inevitable mess of tangles, try one of these three tips to keep necklaces free of knots.


For thinner necklaces and ones with a long chain, thread the chain through a straw and fasten the clasp. When stored, this will keep the chain straight enough to prevent tangles. Hint: Cut the straw so you have the perfect size for each piece of jewelry.


If you have several items you won’t need until next year, neatly place them on a sheet of Glad Press’n Seal. Make sure the Press’n Seal is long enough to fold over the necklaces. Once the jewelry is secure, you can roll up the Press’n Seal so it takes up less room. However use caution, as Press’n Seal has a small bit of adhesive to it. Although it shouldn’t damage your items, use this technique for less-expensive costume jewelry. When in doubt, use one of the other methods.


My favorite way to store jewelry is on a corkboard. Use map pins or push pins to hang your necklaces and bracelets on the corkboard. It keeps them neat, easily accessible and, most importantly, tangle-free. If you’re short on space, buy a square cork tile. Cork tiles work great when stored on the back of closet doors, as they take up very little room and the jewelry is always at the ready. You can even paint the cork with craft paint to add a little pop of color or to help it blend in. You can also hang jewelry from laundry racks or from nails attached to wooden strips on the wall. Be inventive!

TIP: If you ever find yourself with a jumble of jewels, sprinkle them with baby powder, which will help loosen the knots; then use a sewing needle or pin to untangle particularly complicated areas.

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