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Five Home Trends for 2018


As 2018 begins, it’s time to nix the white, because color is in! According to designers at leading home brand, Eclipse Curtains, the following trends will infuse home décor this winter.

The poetic romance trend features captivating florals in a moody and sensual palette. Velvet and silk are luxurious accompaniments!


Hard lines and irregular patterns are the trending step beyond geometrics. Incomplete shapes and asymmetry bring a fresh and modern aesthetic to the forefront. A color palette of bold accents anchored by neutrals complements the look.

A modern woodsman aesthetic can be achieved with heavy, textured knits, tartans and menswear-inspired fabrics. This trend is all about feeling comfortable while remaining sophisticated, and can be matched with deep reds, greens, browns and neutral tones.


Bohemian designs from India and Morocco are complemented by Russian folk and Asian-inspired motifs. Tribal motifs are still relevant. The color palette is bold and eclectic, with a focus on pink and red shades.


Vintage dreams of damasks, Jacobeans, medallions and florals reveal their timeworn beauty with added texture. The color palette is made up of soft pastels with a focus on pink. Slate blue acts as an anchor to the otherwise light and airy palette.

—Source: Eclipse Curtains