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Calabacitas Con Queso

Nothing compares to the bright, fresh flavors of spring vegetables, so Boulder chefs whipped up these dishes using the tastes of spring: radishes, peas, greens and more. Make them in your own kitchen or visit local restaurants to sample the savory fare they come up with this season.

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie

Recipe courtesy The Huckleberry Restaurant and Bakery

Host an Eco-conscious Holiday Party

Many celebrations cast a huge environmental footprint through disposable décor and tableware.

Rebecca’s Recommendations: Easy Shredded Meat

When it comes to making the most out of meat, both in terms of boosting flavor and stretching your dollar, here's a great recipe...

Jambalaya Soup

This soup recipe is courtesy chef Michael Micek of Lucile’s

Haley’s Homespuns: Chia Pudding with a Healthy Punch

Chia pudding cups make a great midday snack Chia seeds are packed with antioxidants, protein, calcium and fiber, so chia pudding is a great way...

Rhubarb Vinaigrette

Recipe courtesy Flagstaff House Chef Chris Royster Chef’s Note: “I serve this over a fiddlehead fern, asparagus and fennel salad, with crispy prosciutto and smoked...

Lauren’s Favorite Spring Quinoa Salad

Recipe courtesy Growing Gardens Site Director Lauren Kelso INGREDIENTS (Amounts are up to you, based on what you have on hand) Neutral-flavored oil Rice wine vinegar 1 or 2...

Hitting the Sweet Spot: Three Delicious Dessert Recipes

Here are three delicious desserts guaranteed to please. I don’t believe baking should be complicated. I know some people like the challenge of a baked...

Red Snapper Courtbouillon

This recipe for red snapper is courtesy the French Quarter Brasserie