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New Tricks for Old Pets

Simple changes can make a big impact in your pet’s golden years.

A Writer’s Workshop

This writer's workshop is designed to evoke images of a train passing over a forested mountain ridge.

Feature Home: After the Big One

A couple who lost everything in the 2013 flood gained it back through the charity of friends and strangers, and their own resilient spirits.

To Tea or Not to Tea

’Tis the season for tea. If you’re a newcomer to tea, here’s a primer. By Ainslee Kellogg Mac Naughton A steep hour-and-a-half hike up a mountain...

Go Wild!

Reinvented ancient patterns make every space pop with their bold colors and tribal designs. By Mary Lynn Bruny Want a fresh face for your décor? Then...

Building/Remodeling: Skimp or Splurge?

How to make the most of your remodeling or building budget. By Lisa Truesdale If you’re remodeling an existing home or building a new one, setting...

Bottoms Up!

Chill out with these delicious cocktails come summer by planting a cocktail garden this spring. BY BECKY GARBER Plant veggies, herbs and fruits this spring for...

Haley’s Homespuns: Little-Known Hacks to Save Water

A few tips and tricks to save water It’s hot! Water-wasting ways are tempting in summer, but conservation should always be key. We know you...

Growing Year-Round

A Boulder inventor’s revolutionary off-the-grid thermal system is perfect for heating greenhouses, homes, garages and studios year-round.

Green Guide: Spotlight on Green Lights

If there’s one bulb that goes off in your head, it should be green. Energy-efficient lighting is a relatively quick way to reduce energy...