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Feature Garden: Fairies, dragons, and angels inhabit this Mapleton Hill garden

As a ceramic artist and owner of Junie Moons Handmade Creations, June crafted numerous fairy houses and surrounded them with elements she thought fairies might enjoy,

Growing for the Good of It

Yatahai Gardens grows everything it sells from seed—a distinction few greenhouses can claim. By Lisa Marshall Photos by Thad Johnson It’s a frigid December day, with 6...

Garden of Delight

This garden pleases not only plants and people, but pollinators too. By Lisa Truesdale Photos by Allison M. Fleetwood Jr.,  Even a longtime, passionate gardener like Deborah...

Feature Garden: One World Wonder

The 2013 flood mandated a patio and garden revival project that married old world charm and historic Boulder in a sanctuary for this busy couple.

Gardening as Therapy

If you think gardening is just a bunch of work, think again and you may discover this pastime’s therapeutic benefits. If gardening is more work...

Garden Gems

Grow wildflowers from seed with these seeds of wisdom from an avid gardener.

Local creatures that terrify us—and why they really shouldn’t

Why do we fear creepy-crawly creatures—those unloved but generally harmless inhabitants of our backyards and beyond?

Welcome wildlife to your garden with proper habitat

Building a proper habitat will turn your garden into a wildlife haven. Habitat is key to inviting wildlife into your garden. Here’s how to get started.

Summer Surprises: Late-blooming flowers

A wealth of late-summer flowers is available for our gardens—and not just plants in the mint and daisy families

Foolproof Gardening

If you love eating food fresh from the garden but find growing vegetables intimidating, you should join The Urban Farm Co.’s “Garden Club.” The...