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Water-Wise Gardening

These dozen tips from the Colorado State University Extension will get your garden in water-efficiency mode.

How to build a homemade bee hotel that helps native pollinators thrive

B&Bs for Bees By Sara Bruskin Picture a bee. Go on—get the image in your head. Did you imagine a black-and-­yellow honeybee? There’s a good chance you...

Ways to harvest all the health advantages a garden can offer

With a bit of mindful planning, your garden can be a powerful tool for reaching health goals.

Local creatures that terrify us—and why they really shouldn’t

Why do we fear creepy-crawly creatures—those unloved but generally harmless inhabitants of our backyards and beyond?

Six Tips to Boost Your Autumn Garden Bounty

It’s time to plant a fall garden and extend the productive bounty of summer’s harvest. Fall is actually an easier time of year to...

Almost any yard can fit a pond

Almost any yard can fit a pond, she says, as long as the pond is set up correctly. Here are Smith’s tips for raising fish in a backyard pond.

Tips to Reduce Light Pollution

Did you know 80% of Americans can no longer see the Milky Way? Why? The cause is light pollution. Light that goes up is a...

Simple Tips To Keep Your Hands More Comfortable And Pain-Free During Gardening Season

Gardening brings many health benefits such as getting us outdoors breathing fresh air and helping to burn calories. But the downside involves the stress,...

Critter-Free Compost

Boulder County composting experts offer these easy tips for keeping undesirables out of compost piles.

Welcome wildlife to your garden with proper habitat

Building a proper habitat will turn your garden into a wildlife haven. Habitat is key to inviting wildlife into your garden. Here’s how to get started.