2018 Boulder Modern Home Tour

How many times have you driven by an amazing house and wondered what it looks like on the inside? Find out on Saturday, October...

How to build a perfect summer charcuterie board

Bright flavors, a balance of sweet, savory, salty and buttery, varying textures and pleasing every palate are the keys to a good charcuterie plate.

New Tricks for Old Pets

Simple changes can make a big impact in your pet’s golden years.

Bedroom Banter and Tips to Promote Relaxation and Rest

Create a bedroom that is a place of warmth and comfort that promotes relaxation and rest with these tips.

Meet artist Kevan Krasnoff

Colorado native Kevan Krasnoff works in steel, wood, stone, concrete, beads and ceramics, “but mostly I am a painter.”

AI & Robots on the Rise

Professor Michael Mozer was interested in combining his work with artificial intelligence (AI) with renovating his home. His idea turned into a university research project.


Almost any yard can fit a pond

Almost any yard can fit a pond, she says, as long as the pond is set up correctly. Here are Smith’s tips for raising fish in a backyard pond.

Tips to Reduce Light Pollution

Did you know 80% of Americans can no longer see the Milky Way? Why? The cause is light pollution. Light that goes up is a...

Simple Tips To Keep Your Hands More Comfortable And Pain-Free During...

Gardening brings many health benefits such as getting us outdoors breathing fresh air and helping to burn calories. But the downside involves the stress,...

Critter-Free Compost

Boulder County composting experts offer these easy tips for keeping undesirables out of compost piles.

Welcome wildlife to your garden with proper habitat

Building a proper habitat will turn your garden into a wildlife haven. Habitat is key to inviting wildlife into your garden. Here’s how to get started.

Rules for Roses

By Carol Brock “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” — William Shakespeare Well, not exactly. “So many modern roses are bred for form,...


Ragin’ Cajun!

Enjoy 6 delicious recipes from local Boulder County chefs

By Sara Bruskin

Laissez les bons temps rouler with these delicious Cajun-inspired recipes.

New Orleans is known for many things, including the city’s pronunciation
(New OAR-linz,
New OR-lee-uhns,
New Or-LEENZ, N’awlins).

But one of the most distinctive things is its food. New Orleans–style cuisine has swept the nation years after the city’s birth in 1718. Local chefs who celebrate Cajun cuisine shared recipes with us to celebrate the city’s 300th anniversary, so let’s get cooking.


Summer is the peak time for our plethora of local farmers markets.

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